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We Have Global Network|Expertise|Broad Products and Service

Our underlying business focus is to provide value-amplified products and services. We work in partnership with both local and transnational renowned entities that demonstrate in-depth expertise in their respective areas with distinguished success at achieving sustainable development

Global Network
Broad Products and Service
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About Our Company

Comoroz is a growing organization with a focus in Sourcing & Distribution. Our fundamental business focus is to deliver value-enhanced products and services.  We are dedicated to building a world-class entity to generate employment and enhance local value addition.

At Comoroz, we work in partnership with both local and intercontinental renowned entities that demonstrate in-depth expertise in their respective sectors with recognized success at attaining sustainable development. The concerted effort of these partnerships will support Comoroz in offering exceptional results and a brand portfolio that will distinguish us from rivals. Our value, emanated from our ecosystem will enable Comoroz to linger timeless.

Comoroz will deliver admirable products and services to our clients, giving them the uppermost value and will contribute to societal expansion and advancement by exploiting technological novelties, tilling back resources for the society, delivering fulfillment and a sense of pride on our employees; polishing stronger into the future and operating with increasing profit.

Mission Statement:Valuable expansion through exceptional client service, innovation, excellence and devotion

Vision Statement:To be a leading organization that will provide the ultimate benefit to our employees, clients, suppliers, strategic partners and shareholders globally”


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